"This isn’t the story of Jeremiah Lacy. In the end, he was just a man, and he died the way he deserved to. The real story, the better story, is about the last girl he ever stole..."

Arianne, the sixteen-year-old daughter of a moonshiner, is taken from her home one foggy morning by Jeremiah Lacy, a powerful and monstrous whiskey distiller. Orphaned and lost, she finds herself one of a dozen girls held captive at Lacy's mountaintop mainsion in Allamack County, Kentucky. Slowly at first, and then all at once, Arianne discovers that she posesses powers of mind that could be the key to her and her fellow imprisoned girls' escape. 

The Midnight Girl's Revenge is a continent-spanning novel of heartbreak, friendship, motherhood, and vengeance; it contains elements of many genres and traditions, particularly southern gothic, horror, magical realism and adventure.